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Check Your Reading Techniques

  1. Are you whispering, “sounding out” your words, or even thinking about each word as you read
    it? These are poor habits that slow you down.

  2. If there are many words with which you are unfamiliar, make a list of vocabulary to review.

  3. Try to look at the words in blocks or thought units instead of individually—this will help you increase your speed in reading.

  4. Read for ideas and details, but don’t read so fast that you have to reread each passage constantly.

Look At The Overview As Well As the Details

  1. Look through the entire book.

  2. Check the table of contents and note any helpful materials which may be included (glossary, appendix, bibliography, etc.).

  3. Survey each chapter before you read it.

  4. Headings and subheadings provide a good introductory outline.

  5. If there are graphs, pictures, or diagrams, look at them—they will provide a quick summary of concepts and relationships.

  6. Check the introduction and conclusion of each chapter.

Then Read Each Chapter Carefully

  1. Ask Yourself Questions As You Go Along:

    What is the author saying
    What is the author’s attitude toward the subject?
    What are his conclusions? Do you agree?
    How does he or she support his or her main points?
    And how can you use the material he or she presents?

  2. Analyze What You Read:

    Highlight or underline what is important, and take it easy!
    Too much underlining clutters the page.
    Use margins to summarize key ideas or note your questions or comments.

  3. Review As You Go Along:

    Reviewing the material immediately will help you fix it in your memory.
    Speak aloud the points you want to commit to memory..


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person reading book white sitting
person reading book white sitting
the letters read read are made out of bookshelves
the letters read read are made out of bookshelves